The Rio+20 Conference

Making history; building the future

The global community has set out to gather countries, civil society organizations and businesses to shape mankind’s future this year in a major event called Rio+20: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

Following the momentous Earth Summit in 1992 also hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, member states of the United Nations are about to set the direction toward “the future we want” in Rio+20 by reaffirming commitment to sustainable development and the consideration of green economy as a means to achieve the synergy of social, economic and environmental mindset and practices.

The global effort is with the central aim of lifting millions out of poverty by ensuring a progress that is sustainable—that is, far-reaching, lasting, and meeting human needs at all levels.

Conference secretary general Sha Zukang said in a statement that such a goal is “not an option” but is the only way “to share a decent life on this one planet.”

“Rio+20 gives our generation the opportunity to choose this path,” Zukang added.

To achieve the top priority of sustainability, governments, the private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders will tackle issues that include food security, climate change and disasters, environmental protection, greener cities, sustainable energy, reducing the destruction of forests and biodiversity, land degradation, chemicals and wastes, water conservation, sustainable consumption and production, education and gender equality.

Efforts toward sustainable development are sought to be streamlined at Rio+20 by focusing on two main themes: How to build a green economy, and how to improve international coordination for sustainability.

The tangible product of this event is an agenda that serves as a guidepost for nations, making up a genuine global community, to commit to a shared goal for the years to come.

The Rio+20 website  contains numerous resources on the upcoming conference, including a map that tracks policies, practices and initiatives consistent with green economy all over the world.

Partnerships and contributions have also been encouraged by the organizing United Nations committee to support the preparations for the conference.

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