PCSD holds 2nd Quarter Meeting


Photo by NEDA-DIS

The PCSD held its 2nd Quarter meeting last 25 June 2015 at the NEDA Board Room, Pasig, City Chaired by Director Mercedita Sombilla of NEDA-ANRES, the Council tackled concerns on coastal and marine biodiversity and updates on the ongoing initiatives of the Council. Among the key agenda includes the status of the marine and fishery sector, National Fisheries Stock Assessment Program, Philippine maritime security and updates on the Council’s current initiatives.

The discussion on the status of the country’s marine and fishery sector underscored the need to pursue the ecosystem approach to fishery management, establishment of marine protected areas and enhancement of transboundary cooperation given the declining fish catch and changing species composition as  a result of the increasing exploitation of marine resources. The National Fisheries Stock Assessment Program, which aims to provide information on the status of the fisheries resources and exploitation level in the country, revealed that overfishing is prevalent in most of the country’s fishing grounds. The Council also tackled maritime violation incidents and transnational maritime threats which underscore the need for stronger coordination among law enforcement agencies, LGUs and other neighbouring countries to strictly enforce maritime laws in Philippine waters.

Invited resource persons were: Executive Director Vincent Hilomen of DENR-BMB, Interim Deputy Director Noel Barut of BFAR – NFRDI and Lt. Commander Kenneth Lozanes of the Philippine Navy. Updates on the ongoing effectiveness assessment of the PCSD conducted by DAP, Post–Yolanda rehabilitation and recovery program as well as country position to the Zero Draft of the Outcome Document for the UN Summit was also presented during the meeting.

Officials and representatives from the NEDA, DENR, DFA, CCC, DILG, DA, Philippine Navy, civil society, labor and business sectors attended the meeting.




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