Governance for PA 21 (GOPA 21)

The GOPA 21 with the support of the Philippines-Canada Development Fund was implemented from 1999 to 2002 in order to strengthen the capacities of stakeholders at the LGU level in collectively addressing the SD issues. Its overarching goal is the integration of SD and PA21 in the decision-making structures and processes among LGUs. GOPA 21 was implemented in nine pilot sites in the Visayas and Mindanao and focused in the partner sites, participatory and consensus-based formulation of local Agenda 21, and institutionalization of the local agenda 21 into the governance processes of target LGUs.

The project was instrumental in doing the following: i) identified and adressed priority capacility-building to enhance capacities of stakeholders in effecting SD in their respective areas; ii) formulated social marketing plans to broaden social acceptability of SD concepts and initiatives; iii) formulated and adopted policies and ordinances to be able to sustain the project outcomes; iv) defined the elements of localization; and v) conducted and initial assessment of PA 21 implementation.

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