NEDA set to develop an integrated model for sustainable development planning

Director Mercedita Sombilla, Head of the PCSD Coordinating Secretariat, presented the draft sustainable development (SD) framework which is envisioned to guide the development of the Philippines’ long-term SD Action Plan. This framework will be supported by projection model that can generate future scenarios to help determine and assess the appropriate development policies and strategies that have to be embarked by the government to ensure the achievement of the country’s long-term SD vision, in coordination with all stakeholders.

Specifically, the model will: (i) provide the quantitative basis of the SD vision and objectives as defined in the SD framework; (ii) simulate the impact of development policies in achieving the SD vision; (iii) assess the trade-offs of such development policies across the three (3) pillars of SD and across the different sectors of the economy; and (iv) identify the key strategies across pillars/sectors that will help ensure smooth path towards the achievement of the SD vision and objectives.


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