NEDA ANRES informs PCSD on NaLUA bills updates




Ms. Kathleen Anne Capiroso of the PCSD Coordinating Secretariat reported during the recent PCSD meeting that the National Land Use Act (NaLUA) House Bill (HB) 4382 was approved during its 3rd Reading in the House of Representatives last 02 June 2014. She also informed the Council that the Senate is set to prepare a substitute bill on land use using Senate Bill (SB) No. 7, as a working draft. Series of consultations are ongoing, led by Sen. Loren Legarda, to solicit comments from relevant stakeholders.

Some provisions on land use bills which remain contentious, according to Ms. Capiroso, include concerns on: a) categories of land use for planning purpose; and b) conversion of agricultural land. The Council members are expected to submit comments or proposed enhancements on the land use bills. which will be subsequently submitted by the PCSD Coordinating Secretariat to the Senate.



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